Playing on Sosaria

Connecting to Sosaria Online is easy with our pre-launcher

To connect to a shard, you must download the required pre launch utility tool. This ensures that you are playing with the most up-to-date method of connecting. Expansion selecting is required before executing the UO client and must be done so in order to connect to a shard specific to that expansion [era]. 

Browse active and in-development shards. Each shard is unique and seperate. No two are alike. The Sosaria Online Network (SON) utilizes a syncrnoized accounting database to ensure that each one of your avatars (characters) are playable through one account. Players can choose different servers called Shards that are uniquely specific to different Ultima Online expansions. 

How do I connect?

Download the Pre-launcher from here

Overtime, the Ultima Online expansions [terrain, client, sounds, etc.] changed. For some, this might affect how they feel while playing the game, including certain era specific features. We are providing a tool free that will allow you to play each server with that specific expansion disc-set sold. The client is required to play on Sosaria Online.

The following steps are completely REQUIRED TO PLAY!
Step 1 - Acquiring Ultima Online Installation Media
Step 2 - Installing UO
Step 3 - Download and Install Sosaria Online Launcher

To setup the SON Launcher, you will need an Ultima Online client, yes ORIGINAL Ultima Online client. You cannot use any other client, do not use a client obtained through torrent or warez sites. You can purchase CD's cheap on e-bay, or our used merchandise store. There are quite a few versions that have been released over the years and any version will work.   

Sosaria Online has built its servers to operate with a pre-launch client utility. For more information on how to install, configure, and for Q&A please visit the link below:

Britannia Awaits You

Choose from a variety of shards to play

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