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Release June 11, 1997

The time before Lost Lands and the official release of Ultima Online.
A time where battles were waged on feet instead of mounts.

The Second Age 

Release October 31, 1998

The first expansion to the Ultima Online MMORPG series.
This expansion included the Lost Lands region.

A total of 11 entrances were added to the Lost Lands, either by foot, pentagram teleportation, or boat.


Release May 4, 2000

The second expansion to the Ultima Online MMORPG series.
The addition of Trammel was added, while the existing map was renamed to Felucca.

This expansion also introduced the infamous Siege Perilous shard and faction system.

Sosaria Online

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A multiverse network for authentic Ultima Online

Third Dawn

Release May 7, 2001


Lord Blackthorns Revenge

Release Feb 24, 2002


Age of Shadows

Release Feb 11, 2003


Playing on Sosaria

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To connect to a shard, you must download the required pre launch utility tool. This ensures that you are playing with the most up-to-date method of connecting. Expansion selecting is required before executing the UO client and must be done so in order to connect to a shard specific to that expansion [era]. 

Browse active and in-development shards. Each shard is unique and seperate. No two are alike. The Sosaria Online Network (SON) utilizes a syncrnoized accounting database to ensure that each one of your avatars (characters) are playable through one account. Players can choose different servers called Shards that are uniquely specific to different Ultima Online expansions. 

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