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            Sosaria Online, the last gateway to your classic, free-to-play Ultima Online experience. Since 2008, we have developed our codebase to support a multi-shard network for authentic Ultima Online gameplay. Those of which are all hosted and playable under a single name. Each one of our severs are individually kept true to the original expansion. What this means is you will find no tampering of the era gameplay upon which they were individually released from Origin and EA Games. We strongly feel against changes made to balance the play styles in one version of Ultima Online, to favor another style of gameplay. With that, we have a solution to this problem:

We will always keep our servers and the era separate, true, authentic, and free, of any form of custom alteration that is not original to the official OSI expansion and public release.

Fret not, if you have come looking for custom content, our custom shard WILL supply your needs. Custom content and non-era specific systems will vary and continually change on our custom live shard.

Ultima Online is one of the greatest MMORPG sandboxes of all time. A world where you define your destiny, choose how you live, and play in an open-world unlike any other. Sosaria Online is here to be your permanent and final gateway to Ultima Online.  

- Sosaria Online Team

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